Moreno Castro Family

The Moreno Castro Family is happy to be receiving a new home! They live in the ‘San Isidro' community of Juarez, Mexico. They used to live in, Gomez Palacio, but moved about two years ago to find better work opportunities. Juan Antonio works doing construction, and earns about $67 per week. Pahola stays at home and cares for the children. Linda is a first grader, attending school in the mornings. Their current house is made of old pallets and scraps of wood they have collected and has a dirt floor. 

A special need for this family is recently, Pahola had surgery on her bladder and is now recovering. 

The family's message to you is, “Thank you for helping our family, there are a lot of families that need help and we thank you. God Bless"


Above is a before and after of the Moreno Castro's home.