Morales Regalado Family


The Morales Regalado family consists of the father, Luis, the mother, Marta, and their three sons, Erik, Adon, and Mateo. They live int ehe 'Panfilo Natera' community in Juarez, Mexico and are very excited to be getting the gift of a new home.

Luis and Marta both work in a factory that assembles wiring harnesses for new cars, earning about $107 per week total. Erik is in the sixth grade and Adon is in the fourth grade, they both attend classes in the morning. Mateo is only two, so he is too young to go to school yet. 

The home they currently live in is in bad condition. It is actually made of block, but due to a poor foundation is beginning to crack and crumble.

The family sends the message, "First of all, thank you very much for considering us, and our hearts are filled with hope because of your help."