Welcome Home Mesa Castro Family!

Fam Mesa Castro.jpg

The Mesa Castro family lives in Juarez, Mexico and they are so excited to receive a new home! Maria works as a cook, selling hamburgers from a food cart to meet the family's basic needs. She makes less than $200 per month, They were living in a shack, but now, they have a stucco home with a solid roof and a concrete floor!  Maria asked that we tell you, "I thank you so much with all my heart that you are helping my family with a real home for us to live in!" 

You can see below the workers that built the home and earned wages to provide for their family. What a precious site to see the workers taking the time to build a house with the kids as well! They're dreaming too, and you can't imagine the difference this home will make in their lives.  Thanks again for supporting this family!