Welcome Home Martinez Dias Family!

Guillermo and his family live in the ‘Jose Sulaiman’ community of Juarez, Mexico. He works in a factory and earns about $63 per week. Liseth is a stay at home mother and cares for their two children, Dabne (4), and Guillermo Jr. (9months). The family currently lives in a one room structure that has been constructed with used lumber, plywood, and felt paper and has a dirt floor. They have been able to purchase the lot where they live but have not been able to build an adequate home for their family. But now, thanks to your kindness, they have a brand new stucco home! Guillermo asked that we tell you: “Thank you for this blessing and the gift that you are giving to our family.” We hope that this family has many years of great memories in this home.

Casa 18CJ0054.jpg