Our Partners

Community leaders select every family that receives a home and manage the construction process. These men are involved in every detail: family selection, material selection, hiring construction crews, and quality control management from ground preparation to home completion. We are so grateful for their leadership and desire to serve the people in their communities.


Walter Oketta - Gulu, UGanda

Walter Oketta is our project manager for all home construction in Gulu. He has extensive background experience in human resources, non-profit work, and holistic approaches to post war community rehabilitation. Walter has a Bachelor’s degree in both education and speech pathology, an administrative law certificate, and a Master’s degree in public administration and management. He spends his free time traveling, watching soccer and hockey.

Walter lives in Gulu in Northern Uganda with his beautiful wife Jennifer, and his three daughters, Patience, Precious and Pearl. We are so thankful of the work Walter does for Homes For Homes and are inspired by the way he humbly serves the people of Gulu.


Alfred Nabudere - Nasuti, uganda

Alfred is the project manager in Uganda for our ministry partner, The Way Home Africa. Alfred is one of the most versatile men you will ever meet. He humbly serves the basic needs of the community while managing day to day operations. Alfred selects each home recipient and oversees the completion of their home. He also ensures that the families are taught farming techniques to sustain their future needs.


Orlando Carrasco - Monterrey, Honduras

Very few leaders love their community the way that Orlando does! He is so passionate about building a better future for the people of Monterrey, and they are thriving under his care. From managing the implementation of farming projects to overseeing home construction, Orlando daily helps his community. Through the impact of our ministry partner IC13, we are a strategic partner in the economic change occuring in Monterrey. Orlando is helping us provide safe housing to every family in this community, and we are thrilled to work alongside him.


Alfredo chavez - Juarez, Mexico

Alfredo has been managing home construction projects in Juarez for over 17 years. We’re so honored to work alongside Amor Ministries and Alfredo’s leadership to serve the families in this community. He oversees the local leadership board selects that each home recipient. Then, he oversees the construction process from start to finish. Alfredo is a hardworking, well-respected member of this community, and we love working alongside him!


Thomas and Pedro - Cero de Oro, Guatemala

Thomas and Pedro are local pastors in the beautiful community of Cero de Oro. They also have incredible construction skills which makes them a very unique ministry partner. Thomas and Pedro select each family that needs a home. They also personally build each home which allows them to get to know the families on a personal level. After construction, these men follow up with the family to ensure that their needs have been met. Thomas and Pedro truly define servant leadership, and they are greatly impacting families in need.